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What Is StemEnhance™?
StemEnhance™ is a breakthrough, all-natural, botanical extract that supports wellness by helping your body maintain healthy stem cell physiology. It is the very first product on the market in the exciting and promising new phytoceutical product category known as "stem cell enhancers"U.S. Patent #6814961 for this proprietary product has been granted to StemTech HealthSciences Inc. of Klamath Lake, Oregon, USA, and a second patent is pending.
Several clinical studies have been conducted on this stem cell enhancer product, in addition to some in-vitro trials.

StemEnhance™ is not a drug, and is not intended to "treat" or "cure" any disease. It is a natural food supplement derived from a tiny natural freshwater aquatic plant that simply supports your body's own ability to heal itself. This unique plant, a cyanophtya whose scientific name is Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae or AFA, can be harvested in only one place - the mineral-rich waters of Klamath Lake, 1400 feet above sea level in the Cascade Mountains in the state of Oregon, USA.

Upper Lake Klamath is one of the cleanest lakes in the USA, yet the deep layer of sediment at the bottom is extremely rich in minerals because for centuries it has been fed by many mountain streams washing down from the volcanic mountains which surround it. The area enjoys about 300 days of sunshine per year, which provides an ideal growing environment for this remarkable fast-growing and highly nutritious plant.

Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae has never been successfully cultivated commercially, so this tiny, free-floating, underwater plant must be harvested in the wild from the waters of upper Klamath Lake at the peak of the summer growing season. AFA is a highly unusual single-celled organism that has a very high chlorophyll content (about 7 percent by weight) and is extremely rich in Beta Carotene (Vitamin A precursor). The chlorophyll gives it a very dark green color, thus AFA is known as a blue-green algae.

Yet, unlike all other plant organisms, AFA does not have a cell wall made of indigestible cellulose - which makes the nutrients in AFA more "bio-available" than the nutrients in all other types of algae. Overall, the human body will absorb approximately 95 percent of the nutrients in this algae "super food".

Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae also has a very rich content of high-grade protein (about 70 percent by weight). AFA contains all 22 essential amino acids in the most bio-available form (about 98 per cent bio-available).

And the relative amounts of each amino acid in AFA are so close to the amino acid spectrum which is optimal for the human body, that AFA blue-green algae has been called "the most complete brain food of the world". AFA is also considered the best non-animal source of natural Vitamin B12. And one gram of Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae contains approximately 50% of the daily recommendation (USRDA) for Vitamin K.

The nutritional benefits most often reported by consumers of this Klamath Lake AFA blue-green algae are:
  • increased energy levels
  • heightened mental clarity
  • improved memory and recall
  • relief of inflammatory conditions
  • an overall feeling of well-being.

Compared to another well-known nutritious blue-green algae known as Spirulina, the AFA Blue-Green Algae has about 40% more Calcium, 100% more Chromium, 275% more Chlorophyll, and five to ten times the Vitamin C content of Spirulina. The assimilation rate of Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae exceeds 95%, while Spirulina is only 50% to 60% assimilated by the human body.

Each 3-capsule serving of StemEnhance™ contains 1 gram of Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae (333 mg. per capsule).

What Benefits Can You Get from the StemEnhance™ Product?
This natural health product is designed to enhance, by about 25 to 30 per cent, your own body's ability to perform its natural function of releasing adult stem cells from the bone marrow into circulation throughout the body.

The effectiveness of StemEnhance™ as a stem cell enhancer was demonstrated in a triple-blind study. Volunteers rested for one hour before blood samples were taken to establish baseline levels. After the first blood samples were taken, volunteers were given either theStemEnhance™ capsules, or a capsule containing a placebo. Thereafter, blood samples were taken from the test subjects 30, 60, and 120 minutes after taking the capsules. The number of circulating stem cells was quantified by analyzing the blood samples from the test subjects using Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting (FACS).

Consumption of StemEnhance™ triggered a significant 25% to 30% increase in the number of circulating stem cells.

Chief scientist Christian Drapeau explains that adult stem cells, their role in maintaining human health, and how StemEnhance™ can significantly increase the quantity of adult stem cells released into the bloodstream from your own bone marrow (9 minutes).

How StemEnhance™ Works
StemEnhance™ is a blend of two compounds extracted from the cyanophyta Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae (AFA). These compounds are carefully extracted in a patented proprietary process which does NOT utilize chemicals or harsh agents.

One extract, which contains an L-selectin ligandsupports the release of stem cells (CD34+ cells) from the bone marrow, which then circulates in the blood stream. The other extract, a polysaccharide-rich fraction named Migratose™, may support the migration of stem cells out of the blood into body tissues.

One gram of StemEnhance™ triggers an average 25 to 30 percent increase in circulating stem cells. The effect lasts for a few hours.

Suggested Serving: 3 capsules taken orally one or two times per day, at least 6 hours apart.
Servings per container: One serving is 3 capsules, about 1 gram. Each bottle contains 90 capsules.
(One bottle will supply 30 days of typical use, when taking 3 capsules once per day.)


Our breakthrough serum revitalizes the skin’s appearance, restoring and maintaining its youthful vibrancy.

DermaStem's®all-natural ingredients support the ideal environment for the natural regeneration of the adult stem cells, and the natural process of skin renewal.

 “Within just 30 days with DermaStem, the skin on my face showed remarkably fewer wrinkles and increased softness, so DermaStem has replaced the organic product I have used for over two years. Now I notice that the areas around my eyes have fewer wrinkles, and that the ‘problem areas’ around my lips and on my neck are much smoother. Several of my friends have actually suggested that I must have had a ‘mini-facelift’ or that I had a facial laser treatment! But it’s all because of this amazing product. I am a true believer in the power of DermaStem.”
- Sharon N., CA


DermaStem contains absolutely nothing artificial. It is an emulsion of dozens of ingredients gathered from around the world that work individually and in concert to regenerate the skin, while also fighting the effects of oxidative stress and other harmful internal and external triggers that cause premature aging of the skin. Sound-wave sanitizing technology called SoniPure™ and cold processing preserves the very fabric of each plant for unprecedented effect.

Early clinical tests have demonstrated dramatic results:
7 Days 28 Days

Decreased fine lines & coarse wrinkles 10% 25%

Increased moisture retention 10% 30%

Increased elasticity 3% 10%

In some cases a decrease in wrinkles reached more than 75% in 28 days, with significant results in as few as 7 days!

*Results may not be typical and not all users will experience the same benefits.

DermaStem is a mocha-hued fusion of natural oils that blends invisibly into the skin. All-natural DermaStem contains a velvety emulsion of the world's most restorative ingredients, including:

Genestein and Samambaia, along with 14 berry concentrates which are packed with antioxidants.
Black Mamaku, Moringa, Shea, Rosa Mosqueta and Sangre de Drago which are used on the skin by natives of various parts of the world and improve the appearance of the skin.
Our natural Stem Cell Complex (a proprietary blend of AFA, aloe, fucoidan, cehami, cacao and vanilla).
Our blend of six Cytokines to support the skin's own renewal process.
RejuvHyal™, a glucosamine-based ingredient

No mineral oils, preservatives, or petro-chemicals are part of either the formula or the processing.

Stemtech's President Ray C. Carter, Jr., commented, "DermaStem is a natural extension to our stem cell nutrition products. We are pioneers in the field of stem cell nutrition and have mastered the support of the body's natural renewal system. Now we are extending stem cell science for the benefit of the skin's appearance".


Our clinical results demonstrate that dramatic and visible improvements occur rapidly with only a twice-daily application of DermaStem. This revolutionary product works to reduce the signs of premature aging.

Dozens of organic or wild-harvested plants with individual properties to fight the signs of premature aging have been assembled from around the world The DermaStem formula is the result of generations of proven results, all tested in the laboratory.
Plants are extracted using a cold infusion process directly in black mamaku, aloe and berry juices: The delicate essence of all plants is preserved Each anti-aging ingredient is delivered in its most powerful, effective form for greatest benefit.
No petroleum derivatives, preservatives or chemicals The all-natural emulsion of natural oils disappears instantly into the skin for immediate effect and no residue, without potential toxicity.
Exclusive to DermaStem: RejuvHyal™, a proprietary form of glucosamine for a smoother, younger-looking appearance Your face appears more radiant.
Exclusive to DermaStem: A blend of six Cytokines that stimulate the proliferation and migration of the skin's adult stem cells Outer vibrance comes from renewal and rejuvenation of the surface of the skin, producing a more youthful appearance.

The blend of all these features gives a product second to none, which was shown in clinical trials to reduce wrinkles by 25%, increase elasticity by 10% and increase moisture by 30% in 28 days!

 “I am 80 years old, and the skin on my hands was showing a lot of age. So I decided to see what DermaStem could do. I used DermaStem on my left hand and wrist for six months. You can see that there is a very dramatic difference between my right hand and wrist and the left, where I used DermaStem.”
- Annie Yen, TW.


Since 2005, Stemtech has been the pioneer in the science of adult stem cells. Our line of nutritional supplements work together to support the body's natural renewal system inside the body.

StemEnhance® supports the release of stem cells from the bone marrow into the bloodstream. Within an hour of ingestion, studies have shown a substantial increase in the number of stem cells released into the bloodstream.
StemFlo® reduces fibrin, supporting optimal blood circulation so that circulating stem cells can flow throughout the body. Its powerful antioxidants and enzymes also reduce oxidative stress and help to purify the blood by eliminating toxins.
ST-5 with MigraStem™ supports the migration of circulating stem cells into tissue and organs in need of renewal, while it also supports the health of every cell in the body. Now Xtra Smooth, ST-5 is easily mixed with liquids to deliver balanced and sustained energy, bio-available vitamins and minerals, a low calorie and fat count, and vegetarian protein and fiber that are satisfying to the appetite.
Now DermaStem® Renewal Serum fights the signs of premature aging by restoring firmness, elasticity and tone to the appearance of the epidermis. Working in partnership with the adult stem cells that are delivered to the dermis by Stemtech's nutritional supplements, DermaStem restores the healthy appearance of the skin.


Stemtech's science now supports the achievement of vibrant health and vitality from the inside with our nutritional supplement line and from the outside with our all-natural, patented skin care product, DermaStem. We continue our dedication to Our Mission: We empower individuals to enhance their quality of life by increasing their level of wellness and prosperity through sharing the Stemtech products and opportunity.


Christian Drapeau, MSc
Stemtech Chief Science Officer

As the global healthcare community has grown to accept the solid science behind the stem cell theory of renewal, Christian has become a sought-after expert on the subject of adult stem cells on the world stage. Along with the development of groundbreaking nutritional supplements that support the work of the body's adult stem cells, Christian began a quest for just the right ingredients to support the natural renewal of the body's largest organ, the skin. Ten years ago, he began working in earnest with "a kindred soul," Shakahn Kukulcan, whose dedication to bringing the benefits of Nature to the people of the world matched Christian's own dedication. DermaStem is the result of this transcendent collaboration.

Shakahn Kukulcan
Self-described as "tenaciously iconoclastic" and haunted by the proliferation of the use of synthetics and toxic chemicals in many "natural and organic" skin care products, Shakahn traveled the world for years in search of the best ingredients from Nature that could be developed into a truly organic, chemical-free skin care product that would be healthy and nutritious enough that you could "feed them to a baby."

Years of Shakahn's solitary research and a fortunate collaboration with Christian Drapeau led to the discovery that one "secret" of achieving an all-natural, innovative skin care product was that each plant had to be cold-water infused. No heat or preservatives, no alcohol, no chemicals could have any part of the process. In 2010, Christian and Shakahn presented the results of their work: an all-natural blend of Nature's most effective ingredients that restructure the skin at the cellular level and restore youthful vitality to the surface of the skin. From Nature and two very dedicated scientists comes DermaStem.

Only Stem Cells can grow new tissue… everything else can only detoxify or nourish cells.

It is only Stem Cells that can become any specialised cell of any tissue necessary.

Seen Stem Cell derives from the person’s own bone marrow… there is no rejection.

Stem Cells are the natural repair system of the body.
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